Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my child need to be to play in little league?

Little League goes from League Age 4 – 12. If you don’t understand league age, please use the following calculator to see what league age your child is.

My child is older than 12 and wants to play baseball or softball?

There is a Cape league for ages 13-16 which is referred to as junior/senior league.

Does my child need to tryout?  

Anyone can tryout for the minor or major league draft. If you are 9 years old or older and not on a major league team, you must tryout. If you are 8 years old or older and not on a minor league team, you must try out. If your child is 7 or younger and you think they have talent to move up early, we encourage you to tryout.

When and Where are try-outs this year?

We are currently working on getting the Mariner Middle School’s gym booked for February 2nd and the 9th. Tryouts are held from 9am to noon.  It is first come, first serve. 

What do I need to bring to try-outs?

Definitely your child! Your child should be equipped with sneakers, glove, bat and a helmet. If you don’t have any equipment, we will have an assortment for your child to utilize.

What should my child expect at try-outs?

You can come to try-outs anytime during the designated time. Your child will try-out in order of arrival. They will start by hitting a ball off a tee. They will also be pitched to by an adult to allow them to hit the ball. After they are done hitting, they will be tested in speed by running from point A to point B while being timed. The final test will be catching and throwing. They start off by throwing them ground balls that they will need to field and throw to a designated catcher. Finally, they will be thrown pop up balls to catch in the air and throw to the designated catcher.

What should I expect after try-outs?

There is nothing that you need to do after you are done try-outs. Coaches have evaluated your child’s ability and collectively determine the best fit for your child. We hold drafts internally among the Major League coaches and then among the Minor League coaches to determine what is the best fit for your child. It all comes down to their ability they presented in try-outs and the safety of the player. You will be communicated with by early March.