Machine Pitch

Also, referred to as Machine Pitch, this is the next step after Tee Ball to prepare your child for minor league baseball or softball. Our league utilizes machines to pitch the ball to the children to help them build confidence at bat.

This division is also great for parents to start their coaching careers helping kids grow their self-worth in the game of baseball. Our coaches understand and remember that little league is a fun activity to help nurture and grow well-rounded ball players. Our seasoned coaching staff provides resources and mentoring to help in anyway they can for our kids.

  • A great resource for a first-time or veteran coach, Little League’s Coach Pitch program includes:
  • Detailed practice plans for each week of the 12-week program
  • Quick practice plans for each week of the 12-week program
  • Detailed diagrams explaining each drill and activity
  • Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Tips for each week of the program 

Download the Coach Pitch 12 Week Program

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