Concession Stand



My name is Kristin Joseph and I am the board member in charge of the concession stand this year.  I feel like when people hear the word CONCESSION STAND they cringe, myself included. I want to change that feeling so everyone doesn’t mind doing their part. I have to say now being a part of the board and overseeing the concession stand I see the importance of a profitable stand. I also didn’t realize until this year the amount of volunteer hours that go into running a successful little league.  The concession stand income helps keep registration fees lower,  helps purchase equipment needed for the players or umpires ,  provides funds to upkeep the fields &  any necessary safety items , etc..


                    Like last year, your team mom will ask for everyone to sign up for their specific week/time in the stand.  Every team will need to provide one or two people for an hour for opening day.  There are also specific weeks that teams are responsible for, to have two people in the stand from 5/5:30 to last game.  This year, after TBall & Coach Pitch games, those people can leave stand once team drinks/dogs are completed, and enough coverage.


            We are looking for people this year to learn how to cook with the fryers & grills so not just one or two people are stuck in stand. There will be open & closing procedures that help explain how to use these & what needs to happen from open to close. The menu has been simplified and the items which need to be cooked are easy to do.


             I am also looking for one or two people who would be interested in having set of keys to open stand at 5pm & start opening procedures in case I can not get there.


            Please let me or anyone else on board know if you have any suggestions, ideas or concerns.


            I’m looking forward to the 2017 baseball season!



Thank you for taking on this important role and doing your part with the concession stand.  Hopefully you  have already read my letter about the concession stand, and what an important role it plays for our league.  We are really excited about the renovations that happened & changes in the stand.  We are hoping once you see the new stand and the cleanliness of it, you will be just as excited as we are. We have simplified the menu and there will be open/closing procedures on what needs to be done in there. I wanted to provide you with a quick overview of what is needed for a successful season. As Team Mom/Volunteer I would like you to help me pass this information on to the parents. 


Open communication-Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns/thoughts at any time. Organized-If you use your Team Mom Binders & checklist provided, you will be able to complete everything that is needed for a successful season.

Be passionate/excited-you will be able to get your volunteers to sign up if you are excited about the season & know what is needed.

Explain Concession Stand Shift Expectations.


Concession Stand Shift Expectations-


  • Stand needs to open at 5pm for opening procedures. Try to arrive as soon as you can depending on your work schedule. The stand opens at 6pm and closes after last game.

  • Fill out your name under volunteer on the Cash

  • Verification sheet & check off if you received your meal.

  • During your shift, you get a free meal.

  • Choose who will run the cash register & cook should already be assigned.

  • TBall & Coach Pitch volunteers can leave after all the team dogs have been given out & that there is still coverage in the stand.

  • Umpires get a free meal and all drinks. Fill out on form provided if they received it.

  • Follow open/close procedures.

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